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Our Partners

We are proud to cooperate and partner with a number of organisations who share our values. Through an exchange of expertise, we aim to extend our work and our reach, providing new inspiration to our respective communities, each benefitting from the synergies such partnerships can bring. We hope you will be inspired by the work of these organisations.
The Flourish Project introduces a new and powerful framework for understanding and mapping human wellbeing that promotes community involvement and whole-systems thinking. Currently moving into its pilot period, it offers schools, community-leaders and national policymakers the ability to better understand and promote the health and wellbeing of their own communities and populations. It helps to ensure that child and family wellbeing is at the heart of all local decision-making and assists cities and local authorities to become Centres of Flourishing.

Above all, it underpins the call for a more caring and compassionate world.
We at GAMES believe that sports have the power to unite people and to be a driver for social change. As a nonprofit organization, our goals are purely that of promoting health, peace education and cultural understanding and international friendship, by connecting people through sport, education and shared culture. Instead of winners or prizes, we remove the competition and combine children of mixed age, gender and nationality, to participate in the Olympic spirit of fun, friendship, solidarity and fair play.

Join us to learn more about how we use sports and physical activity to help guide young people to become better world citizens and create a more peaceful and sustainable future.

MMUN is a yearlong transformative experience for students 9-15. Simulating the format of the United Nations, students are changed through the process of becoming an MMUN delegate. Representing a country other than their own, they discover that they can become active in solving real-world problems. That discovery lasts a life-time. Students engage on a global level throughout the school year as they join social meet-ups and committee-style simulations with international peers.

At the MMUN International Conference they interact with other students from across the world to create solutions to current world issues and develop global awareness, problem-solving and negotiation skills. They learn they have a voice and can make a difference to create the world they dream of.

Think Equal is a global education initiative, led by human rights activist Leslee Udwin, committed to creating a safe, free and equal world through a system change in Early Childhood Education. Both a movement and a concrete programme, Think Equal teaches 25 social emotional learning competencies to children aged 3-6, such as empathy, self-esteem, gender equality, inclusion, environmental stewardship, emotional intelligence and respect for people and planet.  Created with help from global experts and thought leaders, Think equal has designed a scripted, comprehensive, evidence-based and holistic programme to build pro-social foundations in children’s developing brains for positive life outcomes.

The Youth Impact! Forum‘s mission is to empower students to change the world in support of the Global UN Goals by building successful projects in their local communities. To do this, YIF works directly through teachers to provide all the scaffolding needed to successfully foster impactful student initiatives. Students want real purposeful and meaningful experiences that address and impact the problems in their communities that touch their hearts. Through the Youth Impact! Forum, youth leaders (ages 13–18) develop local social and environmental action projects in their communities which address local problems and align with the UN Sustainability Development Goals.

Interested in partnering with us? The Montessori Europe Board agreed at their 2023 Strategy Meeting that, moving forward, new partnerships will be set up with not-for-profit organisations only. We would love to connect you. Contact us to explore this further.