Afbeelding voor Membership
Montessori Europe’s mission is to create a European network of Montessori educators, schools and school leaders – as an organisation for networking, collaboration, exchange, to provide mutual support, create synergies and increase motivation.

Montessori Europe was established as an organisation to enable and promote Montessori pedagogy in a political, social and educational context throughout Europe. Montessori pedagogy offers an education that respects the dignity of children and adolescents and is oriented toward their individual needs.

Its basic principle is to provide free choice in a structured learning environment. The Montessori pedagogy encompasses a differentiated offering for children and adolescents of both sexes and all ages, of differing abilities and for the gifted as well as the socially disadvantaged.

It supports and nurtures the development of a unique personality and is oriented toward an ideal of socially responsible, creative and responsible human beings.

Anyone who is interested in the achievement of the Association’s objectives can become a member. Membership is categorised into individual, institutional and honorary membership.

All categories of Montessori Europe Members have access to:

  • Free Webinars
  • Quarterly newsletters
  • Where possible, negotiated discounts with partners/sponsors
  • Member Forum on website

Membership Categories (as per Terms and Conditions):

  • Individual Membership
    • Regular
    • Teacher at a School Member institution (50% discount)
    • Student at a Training Centre Member institution (50% discount)
  • Institutional Membership
    • School Member (educational institution for children and adolescents)
    • Company Member (school groups and businesses)
    • Training Centre Member (training facilities)
    • National Organisation Member
  • Honorary Membership (by suggestion of the Board)

Membership Categories

Membership Terms and Conditions

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