Webinar Recordings

Members of Montessori Europe can access recordings of our webinars here.

Sustainability Working Group (8 February 2023): Implementing Sustainability in your Setting

Secondary Working Group (25 June 2022):Adolescents Open Space

Sustainability Working Group (21 June 2022): Pause and Reflect

Engaging Parents (25 May 2022):Recording

GAM Gonzagarredi Montessori (22 March 2022):From the Roots of Montessori to the Present Classroom Environments

Sustainability Working Group (2 February 2022): The OMEP Early Childhood Education for Sustainable Citizenship Award

The Prepared Montessorian (15 February 2022):Learning a Second Language in the Montessori Environment

Montessori Europe Summit (29 January 2022):Materials for the Classroom and at Home

Research Working Group (8 December 2021):Why Do We Teach?

Nienhuis Montessori (30 November 2021):Innovation Makes a Leader Stand Out

Principles of Cosmic Education (16 November 2021): Recording

Sustainability Working Group (26 October 2021):Introducing the Flourish Project and the SDGs Handbook for Early Years

Research Working Group (20 October 2021): Language Learning in Montessori

Trillium Montessori (12 October 2021): The Value of Professional Development and how to Develop a Plan

Technology Summit (25 September 2021): Recordings and additional resources

Sustainability Working Group (8 September 2021)
Implementing a Sustainability Curriculum in Your Montessori Environment