The Child is the Teacher – Webinar

Afbeelding voor The Child is the Teacher – Webinar
This biography by Cristina de Stefano offers a fresh look at Montessori's life and legacy. When published in 2022, it sparked a range of responses from the Montessori Community. The webinar will explore some of the key messages of the book and their relevance to our understanding of Montessori pedagogy today.

Monday 08 April 2024, 19:00 – 20:00 (CET)

Join us for an enlightening webinar where Barbara Isaacs, president of Montessori Europe, will delve into Christina de Stefano’s 2020 book, “The Child is the Teacher.” This session offers a fresh perspective on Maria Montessori’s life and work, presented through the lens of the first non-Montessorian author granted access to a treasure trove of Montessori’s personal writings, including letters, diaries, and unpublished materials.

This webinar is a must-attend event for Montessori educators and enthusiasts. Christina de Stefano’s unique vantage point has sparked a spectrum of reactions within the Montessori community, ranging from high praise to critical examination. Barbara will introduce these diverse viewpoints, offering suggestions on the book’s contributions and controversies.

Why should Montessori teachers be particularly interested?

“The Child is the Teacher” offers a rare opportunity to see Montessori’s educational philosophy through a new lens, challenging educators to reflect on their practices and beliefs.

Whether you find yourself intrigued by the fresh insights or curious about the debates it has sparked, this webinar will provide a platform for reflection, discussion, and growth.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to engage with Barbara on a work that has both captivated and challenged the Montessori community.

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