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Afbeelding voor Working groups
The Montessori Europe Working Groups bring together members with similar areas of interests, to develop new ideas, concepts, strategies and materials, to improve the overall effectiveness of Montessori Europe and benefit its members.

National Organisations in Montessori Europe – NOME
NOME offers a platform for national organisations that are members of Montessori Europe, to exchange ideas and inspire one another. All national associations who are members of Montessori Europe are invited to join.
Please contact Judith Cunningham for further details.

ME Secondary Education Working Group
The Secondary Working Group welcomes Montessorians with an interest in secondary education and meets on the first Tuesday of every month at 19.00 CET, providing a platform for teachers and practitioners in Secondary Montessori environments, to network and share examples of best practices and concepts.
The group is focussed on how to adapt the Montessori theory of the Erdkinder plan to the present day reality of secondary Montessori schools in Europe, and attempts to rethink traditional Montessori theory in the light of concepts such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (Montessori2030).
Their focus this term is ‘sustainability’, exploring:
– Theoretical connections between the Sustainable Development Goals, Montessori and school curriculum
– Practical examples of how to implement/work with in classes/student groups
– Students perspectives and how to include them in pedagogical work
Please contact Christian Grune for further details.

Sustainability Working Group
The aim of the newly established Sustainability Working Group is to raise awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals, working with organisations committed to the SDGs, offering practical ideas to implement the goals in Montessori settings from the toddler and Casa through to the secondary environment, and promoting the call to action generated by the ME Congress 2021.
Please contact Judith Cunningham and Carola Lang-Howard for further details.

Research Working Group
The Research Working Group aims to build bridges between academic researchers and practitioners. By encouraging research at different levels within the ME community, it hopes to produce qualitative and quantitative data documenting Montessori pedagogy in Europe, and will ensure that ME Montessori research is peer reviewed and published.
Please contact Jarek Jendza for further details.

Please note that ME membership is requisite for all working groups. The working groups are open for ongoing members of ME.