Adolescents Forum

Afbeelding voor Adolescents Forum

We are thrilled to offer at this year’s Annual Congress, a programme for adolescents, providing a platform to amplify their voices. The Adolescent Forum is designed to empower European students to take action on sustainability in their communities and work together with peers. It is based on a similar event held at the 2022 Montessori Europe Congress in Amsterdam. Interested students and their teachers are invited to a free special event, the Adolescent Sustainability Forum, hosted at the Montessori Europe Congress at the University of Gdansk on Sunday 1 October, 2023. An opportunity to come together on Saturday 30 September is also available.


Sunday 1 October

09.30 – Opening Plenary: a general session open to all participants, old and young so we can learn from each other and share different perspectives. This also gives both groups a great opportunity to motivate each other. Riemer Brandsma will share the purpose of the forum: to motivate, educate, and engage the adolescents present to create the future they want.

There will be a panel discussion led by student presenters about their sustainability projects. Based on feedback from the Adolescent participants, the breakout topics will be shared so students can choose which group they want to join.

10.15 – 12.15 – Breakout Sessions: small group settings perfect for collaboration and brainstorming in real-time. These sessions are designed for the student participants and will focus on a specific sustainability topic led by student facilitators. Participants will choose which session to join and students can alternate after a certain time.

The students will discuss and collaborate on their ideas and solutions for their future: what and how they want to change. Their ideas will be recorded on paper and later at the plenary closing, each group will present and explain their plans and th solutions to all participants.

12.15 -13.00 – Closing Plenary: the culmination of the working sessions and open to the students and the adult participants of the annual congress. The ideas and solutions created by the students will then be presented by the adolescent participants themselves.

Finally, Riemer and Judith will summarise the work sessions to close the plenary.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all in Gdansk!


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