Engaging Parents

Afbeelding voor Engaging Parents

Wednesday 25 May, 19.00 (CEST)

Current interest in offering Montessori Education from birth to 16 or even 18 is reflected in the growing numbers of schools which offer not only day care provision for the children in their first plane of development but also school provision for elementary children and increasingly, parents also select Montessori secondary provision for their adolescent children. However, global statistics show that the number of preschool settings far exceeds the elementary provision and is very small indeed when looking at the availability of Montessori schools for the oldest children in compulsory education. Yet the majority of Montessorians believe in the value of continuity of the pedagogy and have witnessed the benefits it brings to young people who have graduated from Montessori high schools as they ventured towards learning in the fourth plane of development from 18 to 24 years of age.

In our next webinar, we welcome Emma Rattigan (Edinburgh Montessori Art School, Scotland), Elena Merino (Imagine Montessori, Spain) and Roelant Wijngaards (Agora, Montessori College, the Netherlands). In our conversation with these three experienced Montessori educators, we will discuss their approach to offering meaningful learning experiences to adolescents and how they share what the Montessori approach has to offer through the three planes of development with parents. They will share how parents were attracted to supporting their children’s Montessori education beyond the primary/elementary stage, share advice on how you might extend your Montessori provision beyond the second plane of development, and we will explore their approach to engaging parents throughout their child’s Montessori journey.