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    Technology allowed us to stay connected, providing a sense of of solidarity during the Covid pandemic. Will we continue to use technology in our settings? And if so, how?

    During the Montessori Europe Technology and Montessori summit academics, researchers and practitioners, discussed the role they feel technology might play in Montessori settings.

    Here you can continue your conversation you had in the chat.


    This is very wide topic and I personally think that everything which is added to the environment need to be presented with grace and courtesy lessons.
    And when we talk about grace and courtesy with elementary children we won’t talk the same way like in Children’s house.
    We discuss the technologies in variuos of small conversations with curiosity questions and when children are discussing we are active listeners and all answers which they will give us clear points of where we need to add ideas and provide more tools for better understandings about the purpose and the use of technologies in nowadays.

    We do use various of technologies in our classroom and I personally think that they are bringing awareness for what life was before and how this collective learning is important to continue in order to live sustainable and to continue sharing our knowledge and create and extend our ideas and inventions even beyond our planet.

    The conversation which I’ve heard from Montessori Colege gave me hope for the future, and proof that technologies must be part of Montessori Environment , thank you.


    I totally agree it is about raising awareness and about better understanding. Not only the pupils and students, but also teachers have to find a way to work together with this.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Vanina.


    Yesterday’s Teach Tom’s blog makes an interesting contribution to our discussions about the use of tools and their benefits, including technology. He supports and extends the ideas presented at the Technology Summit by Laura Flores Shaw.
    Why not check it out and consider how his point of view contributes to our Montessori reflections of the topic?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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