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    Dear Montessori Europe Members,

    Thank you for the great attendance at the Sustainability Working Groups’ first webinar this year! We had the pleasure of having Rebecca Katsaris from Cyprus present her and her team’s journey towards their successful educational program in the Creative Arts, focusing on increasing marine awareness in our children. It was a true pleasure to listen to Rebecca and her enthusiasm and passion shone through her entire presentation. An inspiration indeed!

    Rebeca has very kindly sent links to her team sharing their work with you, music compositions, puppet shows, books and more, which she and her team would love for you to use and learn from. Please check them out below.

    Comments are most welcome!

    Happy Easter to you all,

    *Some of the member of the team talking about their project:

    *Link to the puppet show ‘Poseidon’s Grievance”:

    *Link to the Unesco Ocean Literacy Toolki: t

    *Links where one can find and purchase the environmental books (by purchasing the books we contribute to save the Ocean and seas! For members maybe we can send PDFs for free?):

    - (In Greek)

    - (In Greek but also available in Spanish and English upon request with no cost)

    - (In Greek)


    - (In Greek and Turkish)

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