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    This forum has been created for Montessori Europe members to share ideas, practical tips and experiences which may be useful and beneficial to successful management and leadership of your nurseries/ kindergartens and schools. I believe that for an organisation to function well we need to value the gifts and talents each one of us brings. Respect for each other is at the heart of Montessori practice and is reflected in the ground rules we would like you to consider before posting in this forum.

    Be kind and courteous, respect privacy, ensure that no images of children can be identified and respect copyright rules when sharing resources. We request that no promotional materials or spam are shared. We will not tolerate hate speech or bullying.

    As the facilitator of this Forum I bring to this role my experience of working both with children and adults in Montessori nurseries and with student and the academic faculty at Montessori Centre International in London.
    As a recent grandmother I continue to observe and learn from children, whom I believe to be powerful and capable human beings.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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