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    Welcome to the Birth to 6 Forum! This forum is for all of us interested in the development of children from birth to 6. It is a place for us to come together to connect, reflect and inspire one another. A place where we can help each other out, a place where we can support each other so that we can provide the very best support to the children as we prepare them for the future.

    My name is Wendelien, I am a member of the Board and the facilitator for this Forum and I will be posting what I hope will be inspirational resources from time to time – but please don’t just wait for me to post, this is your space and we hope this will become a supportive community you can turn to when you need it.

    Just so you know my background, I am Dutch, born in Denmark, now living in England, married to an Englishman. I retrained to become a Montessori early years teacher after the birth of our daughter and worked as Deputy Head in an early years setting in London for several years before moving to work at MCI as a teacher trainer with a particular focus (and passion!) for practical life and child development.

    I look forward to meeting you!

    Best wishes,


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