Implementing Sustainability in Your Montessori Environment

Afbeelding voor Implementing Sustainability in Your Montessori Environment
The Montessori Europe Sustainability Working Group raises awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals, works with organisations committed to the SDGs, offers practical ideas to implement the goals in Montessori settings from the toddler and Casa through to the secondary environment, and promotes the call to action generated by the ME Congress 2021.

The Montessori Europe Congress began by understanding the impact of Climate Warming, the most traumatic global crisis since WWII. It has also given us an opportunity to see how interconnected, interdependent we are. As Dr Montessori said, we are one Nation.  For us to survive and our planet to flourish, we must work together and accept global responsibility for the global challenges, all of which are laid out in the UN SDGs, the blueprint for sustainability, social equality, development that build peace.

Montessori set a path for us to care of the natural environment, human rights, social justice, and development, the foundation for peace. It is now our responsibility to continue her work

The ME Congress recognised sustainability not just as an intellectual discussion but as a call to action. We invite you and your students to choose one of the Sustainable Development Goals that breaks your heart and take action to help solve it in your community.

Here is a link to one resource on the SDGs with many project ideas.

For early childhood ideas, please see this resource.

For ideas for elementary students, this article shares useful tips.

Through the work of the Sustainability Working Group, Montessori Europe continues the focus on sustainability and will hold a Sustainability Webinar to share resources and examples of activities for students on Wednesday 8 September at 19.00 CEST. Click here for more information.

Join with the ME community striving to create peace through sustainability in our communities, countries, and across the world.