Using Montessori Materials with Older Adults

Afbeelding voor Using Montessori Materials with Older Adults
Engaging, beautiful and purposeful, Montessori materials are great for everyone. Just as Montessori classroom teachers guide and support students instead of lecturing to them, Montessori trained healthcare staff guide and support older adults instead of doing everything for them. Staff and elders work shoulder to shoulder as equally valued members of a shared community. Older adults and people with dementia are invited to take on leadership roles in their areas of interest, such as leading a book discussion group or planning the menu for a holiday meal. Montessori materials for these activities are neatly organised and physically accessible all throughout the living area. Staff guide elders with these roles and activities until they build new routines, and their skills improve to the point that most are able to enjoy these activities on their own.

We look forward to attending the webinar on Wednesday 12 January, hosted by one of our Institutional Members, St. Nicholas Montessori Society of Ireland, in which Jennifer Brush, Programme Director, Montessori Education for Dementia, St, Nicholas Montessori College Ireland & Director, Brush Development, USA, will discuss how dementia care best practices are used to guide the creation of an authentic prepared environment that supports elders in their plane of development.

Montessori for dementia and ageing gives elders the opportunity to grow, engage, love—and most importantly, live.   Dr. Montessori wrote that “joy, feeling one’s own value, being appreciated and loved by others, feeling useful and capable of production are all factors of enormous value for the human soul.” Case study examples, research data, videos, and interactive exercises will be used to illustrate how the Montessori philosophy helps elders thrive.  In addition, Jennifer, will review the educational opportunities and processes available to professionals who wish to undertake this important work.

To learn more about supporting older adults, please read this blog post by Jennifer.

To attend the webinar, please follow this link.