Learning a Second Language in the Montessori Environment

Afbeelding voor Learning a Second Language in the Montessori Environment
Montessori is an incredible vehicle for bilingual education and teaching a second language does wonders to build on the core, cosmopolitan, developmental framework of Montessori. However, implementing it is not without its challenges. This webinar will guide its participants towards the next step towards creating a nurturing and successful Montessori bilingual environment.

Tuesday 15 February, 19.00 (CET)

We are joined, in this webinar, by Mariana Serralde, Dean of Training from The Prepared Montessorian Institute, who will share strategies and practical ideas that will help you achieve harmony and overcome the challenges of a bilingual Montessori environment. Together we will explore how the Montessori educator can successfully integrate Montessori and second language learning with a natural approach that motivates young children through meaningful connections and concrete experiences.

Not only will you leave with strategies and ideas but Mariana will also share a comprehensive list of Montessori presentations in English, Spanish, and Mandarin and a free printable of Classified Nomenclature Cards in Spanish, English, and Mandarin.