Montessori Europe Annual Congress 2022

Afbeelding voor Montessori Europe Annual Congress 2022
Our Annual Congress in 2022 takes place in Amsterdam from 7 – 9 October, commemorating 70 years since the passing of Maria Montessori in Noordwijk, the Netherlands.
Metis Montessori Lyceum, Amsterdam, the Netherlands


The theme for the Congress will be ‘Communication: The Heart of Education‘. It is through communication that we share ideas, thoughts and feelings with others and can make or break relationships, cultures and societies. The Congress will feature prominent speakers and experts exploring topics such as:

  • Language and cognitive development
  • Second language development
  • Speech and language challenges and how these can be met in a Montessori environment
  • Listening to diverse voices
  • Story-telling
  • Using digital technology to communicate thoughts and ideas in early childhood

And many other topics.

Registration Fees

The Conference is now SOLD OUT

We had to make logistical commitments for the Congress last autumn, when the Covid situation and its impact on travel was not yet clear. Booking a large venue with a possible cancellation and a partially non-refundable cancellation fee was too high a risk for our organisation. As it was also unclear, at the time, to what extent people were willing and able to travel, the Montessori Europe Board decided instead to organise this year’s Congress at the Metis Lyceum in Amsterdam, who had kindly agreed to host us.

We realise, if you were still hoping to book a ticket, that this is disappointing news, particularly as our waiting list is also now full. However, we do have some exciting news which we hope might appeal as an alternative…

Virtual Summit: ME Congress 2022 – Keynotes Review

On the morning of Saturday 15 October, just a week after the Annual Congress, you are invited to join us online for a Summit in which we share recordings of the keynote speeches held at the Montessori Europe Congress in Amsterdam on 8 October 2022. With the support of facilitators who attended the Congress, and guided by reflective questions, participants will then have the opportunity to discuss with each other the content of the speeches and consider their relevance to their practice. 

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