Montessori Europe Annual Congress 2022

Afbeelding voor Montessori Europe Annual Congress 2022
Our Annual Congress in 2022 takes place in Amsterdam from 7 – 9 October, commemorating 70 years since the passing of Maria Montessori in Noordwijk, the Netherlands.
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The Montessori Europe 2022 Congress will take place in Amsterdam.

The theme for the Congress will be ‘Language and Communication’. Language allows us to share ideas, thoughts and feelings with others and can make or break relationships, cultures and societies. The Congress will feature prominent speakers and experts exploring topics such as:

  • Language and cognitive development
  • Montessori language materials
  • Second language development
  • Speech and language challenges and how these can be met in a Montessori environment
  • Political implications of language
  • Active Listening
  • Story-telling

Further information will follow soon including registration details.