The OMEP Early Childhood Education for Sustainable Citizenship (ESC) Award

Afbeelding voor The OMEP Early Childhood Education for Sustainable Citizenship (ESC) Award
This webinar will formally launch the OMEP Sustainable Citizenship Award Scheme in Europe. Hosted by the Montessori Europe Sustainability Group, we welcome Professor John Siraj-Blatchford, who will be sharing some of the experiences of Montessori settings that have successfully gained Bronze and Silver level accreditation in the Award and place these in the context of other international exemplary practices.

The aims and procedures of the Award will be outlined along with its key distinguishing features:

  • The focus on agency, rights and citizenship.
  • Strong Parent Partnerships.
  • Child (and not curriculum) centred.
  • Celebratory rather than problematic or dystopian.
  • Resources addressing the foundational pillars and the global goals of Sustainability.

The OMEP-UK Early Childhood Education for Sustainable Citizenship (ESC) Award was developed in response to work that was carried out in an OMEP collaboration involving ten countries (Siraj-Blatchford et al, 2016). The work was also informed by a 2014 commissioned Evaluation of the impact of the UN Decade for Education for Sustainable Development and by our association with UNESCO and its Global Action Programme for Education for Sustainable Development (between 2015-2019).  

Dr John Siraj-Blatchford is an independent educational researcher and consultant, and an honorary Professor at the University of Plymouth.  He is also an executive member of OMEP UK, and co-founded SchemaPlay CIC.  He was commissioned by UNESCO to co-author an ECCE review of the UNESCO Decade for Education for Sustainable development, and chaired the ECCE for Sustainable Development workshop at the 2015 UNESCO ‘End of the ESD Decade’ Conference in Nagoya, Japan.

This webinar is open to all. Members of Montessori Europe can exclusively access the webinar recording and can request a certificate of attendance when attending the live event. For further details about membership, click here.