Think Equal: The Missing Dimension

Afbeelding voor Think Equal: The Missing Dimension

Tuesday 29 March, 19.00 (CET)

Wellbeing and social justice, both for our children and our planet, can no longer be
considered optional. They are both part of a vital missing dimension that needs to be
embedded within classroom and family settings in order to secure positive, inclusive and peaceful futures for generations to come. Educators and caregivers are the two core pillars in shaping mindsets and are the only way to comprehensively and sustainably anchor the next generation in skills of empathy, compassion, resilience, self-esteem, equality and more. Science insists that Early Years education needs to be recognised as the fundamental most impressionable years in a child’s life, impacting later life in multi-faceted ways.

This webinar will explore this new and complex dimension to education through the lens of the award-winning early years programme, Think Equal, which empowers families and educators to weave wellbeing and justice into all areas of life, allowing children to lead successful lives and cultivate a safe, free and equal world. The webinar will also offer the opportunity for a Q&A session and open discussion about this critical subject.