Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a Montessori Europe member and would you like to be included in this list? Please fill in the form on the web page. They will be updated monthly.
No, unfortunately this is not possible yet. We look into options to make this possible in the future.
No, you will have an "Ongoing membership" due to German laws. A renewal isn't necessary. We are located in Berlin, Germany. According to German law of association you remain a member until you terminate the membership. It does not end automatically after a certain period. Therefore at the beginning of every membership year (the membership year always starts 1st July) you will receive an invoice.
The use of the Montessori Europe logo is currently free of charge for ME members. We ask you to provide a link to the Montessori Europe homepage when displaying the logo online.
If you are a member of Montessori Europe e.V. your job advert is for free, non-members are charged with €50,-.
The job advertisement is put on the ME job page as soon as we receive the payment. The job offer remains on the homepage for six months
We do not approve/ recommend  Montessori courses; it is not part of our activities. We are a Montessori networking organisation for Europe.